Pool time!

June 22, 2012

Some photos of the kids from our latest Zenner family gathering in McCall.

Yep, Grandparents, it’s official. You’re invoked on every disagreement, big or small. We make you angry a lot. The kids and I were driving home last night and Mylo hit me with a doosie.

Mylo: Mommy, I daddy’s son and Lola your son.
Holli: No, honey, Lola’s my daughter. You are my son.
Mylo: No. I Daddy’s son. I’m not your son.
Holli: Ok, sweetie, you’re Daddy’s son.
Mylo: Yeah, and Lola your son.
Holli: No, bud, Lola’s my daughter. She’s a girl, so that makes her a daughter.
Mylo: Errrrrrgh! {teeth clenched} You’re making my grandparents ANGRY. You be in BIG trouble.

We make the grandparents angry at least twice a day. Sometimes, he’ll switch it up, and tell us, “When I tell my grandparents, you be in big trouble, and they be ANGRY.”

“I’m sick.”

November 11, 2011

Today was Mylo’s (late) 3 year well-child checkup. He was beautifully behaved, and answered almost all the doctor’s questions truthfully. Almost. . .

Dr. Shearer: Hi Mylo! How are you doing?

Mylo: {Scrunches up his face and puts both arms over his tummy} I’m siiiiiiiick.

Dr. Shearer: Oh, really? {She was actually concerned}

Mommy: No, honey, we’re not here because you’re sick, we’re here to see if you’re growing up good!

Mylo: Oh! {Turns to Dr. S.} I’m growing up good! Watch this!

He proceeded to revel her with his vast knowledge of floor gymnastics and breakdancing stalls. She was quite impressed with his somersault.

Canning pie apples

October 23, 2011

On Thursday, Mylo and Lola helped us pick a bucket of apples off one of our trees. Yep, the one I swore they tasted like cardboard. They did, I swear. Last year.

They’d been sitting on the counter waiting to be used until today. After nap, we got out the canning things and the apple peeler/slicer—which drew ooohs and aahhs from the peanut gallery. And then some pushing and shoving. And then some time-outs. But once we’d taken care of the necessary steps to start a project, we were ready.

Mylo saw the peeler/slicer and that was it. He had to run it. His life would not be complete to this point unless he ran the apple peeler. Guess what? He’s a champion apple peeler. And he peeled apples for a good hour!

In the end, we have 7 jars of apple pie filling, and one small jar of leftover sauce, one happy boy and a little girl who found an opportunity for unadulterated baby-doll time. Success!

We decided to take the kids to the Red Barn Farms Harvest Festival this year to pick out pumpkins.

This amazing little farm had all sorts of vendors, from bbq to housewares, a bouncy castle, a hay maze, a tractor hay ride, kids crafts and a balloon twister. Mylo, of course, was in heaven and made a bee-line for the castle. Next, was the hay maze, where our brave boy went in all by himself.

And then got stuck. He’s such a creative thinker.

Lola wasn’t so much into the idea of the maze.

Mylo didn’t care.

We posed as a sunflower while Lola played with her stroller.

And then, on to the pumpkins. Of course, we had to make a quick pit-stop at the “pumpkin house” to play.

Mylo wanted them all. Lola didn’t want a single one.

So Mylo picked out one for Daddy.

And then one for Lola…

Who was obviously impressed with the whole process.




Mylo was thrilled with the haul. Which was even more impressive to Lola. Trust us.

But then we went to the balloon bender, which became a total mind-bender for baby #1.

“How you do that? I want a orange dinosaur!” And the balloon-bender was more than happy to oblige with the typical dog shape with a really long tail. Which made for one super-cool dinosaur and a very happy #1.

Lola got a princess crown. Doesn’t Daddy look pretty?

Yep, we had a good time. A goooooood time.

Summer 2011

September 17, 2011

June 28, 2011

These little monsters are the most amazing little monsters.

Mylo is learning more and more every day (I know that’s in just about every post). He’s so into sharing his toys with his friends—not so much with his sister, but definitely with his friends! He’s a hugger, a kisser and a terrible listener. I hear that’s the age, and we’ll get through it! Mylo’s favorite things to do these days are: wrestle his sister, dump water/dirt/sand/food on his sister, take toys from his sister, kiss and hug his sister (see the pattern?), get a wake up from his sister and generally teach her how to get in trouble. When they’re not frenemies, they’re definitely besties, and when they play well, they’re awesome. Mylo also loves to run around outside and help Daddy and Grandpa “Wick” work on the landscaping. He also has learned how to bring them beer, often telling them, “I need go get you beer, ok?” or “Daddy, here. I bring you beer. You open, ok?” Grandpa and Daddy think this is just fantastic.

Little Miss Babycakes is 100% girl with a little dirt on top. She’s fussy about lots, but has no problem sitting in the dirt and throwing it around. She’s also learned that if nobody’s in the room and the baby cries, the big brother gets yelled at first. She does this a lot. Then she smiles at him. Lola loves to play with him though, and a lot of the time when I think she’s screaming at him in anger, she’s squealing because he’s funny and she likes to be steamrollered. Yes, they play Steamroller. Lola also loves to ride in front of Mylo on his battery powered quad, loves to play chase, loves to wait for him around corners and surprise him, and loves to help me wake him up in the mornings. She’s a tiny little ball of ornery and Mylo just loves the heck out of her, and she loves him back.

We’re lucky to have two kids who enjoy each other (so far)!

Spring 2011

May 3, 2011

Our babies are growing so quickly, and it’s amazing.

Mylo has discovered “why?” and it’s now his favorite question. It’s asked of everything, and then asked of the explanation. It’s amazing to us how much he’s absorbing, and we’re always flabbergasted when out of the blue, he’s able to explain something to us. Especially since it’s usually been weeks since we last talked about it.

He’s also started saying “I love you” more frequently, and often, unprompted. Mylo loves to “whipser a present” into our ears…especially when he’s supposed to be going to sleep!

Lola is learning everything she can about being a kid in our household. She’s able to keep up with Mylo, able to suffer his rough-housing (she’d better be, she’s usually the instigator!), able to sleep through any noise we can throw at her at night and she’s learning to go with the flow. Lola’s in the attachment stage, and having a hard time being away from Mommy, but for every challenge she gives us, she also gives us two rewards. Lola’s a champion kisser, and gives them out freely.

January to April

April 18, 2011

December 2010

January 25, 2011